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Our mission

If you buy a piece from Sofia Castegren, my goal is that it will last in time and never lose relevance.
- Sofia Castegren


Silk Scarves

The scarf collection is chic and stylish.

It celebrates the classics while embracing on-trend details. We have created a versatile collection so it’s easy to mix each scarf with different outfits. If there’s one thing that all the scarves have in common, it’s elegance, we want to dress women so they will feel confident and the scarf will be the centrepiece of the outfit.



The cushions collection is colorful and playful. We want to add color to every interior. The interiors could be rather plain but with our cushions they will give a touch of color maintaining a sense of peace and serenity that we seek. The interiors can vary from apartments, hotels and yachts.
We are surrounded by objects that slowly become part of our personality and inspire us, we tend to collect pieces that transmit positive emotions and that’s why we designed this collection.



We have created different designs to fit in a summer, country and city location. They give the perfect touch that could be from the table serving tea or food, in the kitchen as decoration or even in a coffee.
Our trays are a reinvented style, fresh and elegant.