About us

Sofia Castegren is a lifestyle brand based near Portofino, Italy.

The brand combines scarves together with home decorations.
Every product showcases Sofia’s illustrations and personal touch. Each product is designed with a sense for the aesthetic, with a focus on quality and elegance, and the uniqueness of the designer. We want to transmit emotions throw products using unique illustrations and our style and touch.

The colors are mostly pastels, Sofia Castegren finds inspiration in patings, old illustrations, architecture and nature. We create products not finding a reason for everything so the products are vary, but each piece is curated and beautiful.

Unique stores are welcome for our designs. Our products are sold by Exclusive Hotel Boutiques and Design Stores that have quality and exquisite design as cornerstone.


About Sofia

I am an Artist & Designer, based near Portofino, Italy.

Following my studies and work experience in design in both Milan, London and Amsterdam, I developed the desire to bring my imaginations to paper and turn them into products. I started my own business, Sofia Castegren srl. My aim is to create products that simultaneously make people smile and feel happy, while maintaining a sense of elegance and luxury.

- Sofia Castegren


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