About Us

The Sofia Castegren collection is about simple, feminine elegance that always has a sense of play.

Designed and made in Liguria, Italy, luxury silk scarves and design-led homewares conjure up a chic cafe bar or romantic encounter in cobbled streets.

Sofia’s work is inspired by Italian architecture and paintings in a fresh palette of pastels and prints. With whimsical illustration and a painterly stroke, she captures the essence of what beautiful, everyday goods of exceptional quality can be.

About Sofia Castegren

I’m Sofia, an artist and designer based near Portofino, Italy. Many years ago I discovered that drawing gave me a sense of calmness. I sketched out the characters that came into my imagination and turned memories and experiences into illustrations.

My love of drawing led me to study and work in Milan, London and Amsterdam and these experiences inspired me to launch my very own collection.

I love to create products that are luxurious and elegant but will always put a smile on your face.