7.         Delivery Terms

7.1       Seller shall dispatch the Original Work of Art to the Purchaser’ address as provided by the Purchaser according to clause 2.1. within 10 Italian working days from the "Order Confirmed" (hereinafter the “Order Confirmed”) by a courier chosen among one of the leading courier agents. Seller shall dispatch the Original Works of Art in a suitable container which may differ depending on the features of thereof.

7.2       The Dispatch of the Original Work of Art is confirmed by email attesting the successful dispatch of the Order (hereinafter the “Order Shipped”) and containing the track number. Providing your items are in stock once dispatched please allow 4 working days for IT orders, 10 days for EU and the rest of the world orders unless otherwise specified. Please remember that the Seller does not send goods during weekends.

7.3       Without prejudice of the right of return as set forth in clause 10, Seller is not responsible for any delays attributable to the courier which could result in delays to the scheduled delivery date. Should the Order requires any specific delivery conditions, the Purchaser shall promptly notify the Seller by means of email to and within 3 days of the receipt of the Order Confirmed as set in clause 6.2.

7.4       Should the Order be delivered to Purchaser who is located in Italy, in accordance with provision 22 of Law n. 633/1972 the sale contract is taxable for VAT purpose. Seller is waved from the duty of the emission of the invoices, unless required by the Purchaser otherwise.

7.5      Should the Order be delivered to Purchaser located in a EU countries who does not have VAT obligation, the sale contract is taxable for VAT purpose by the Seller provided that the Goods is delivery into a EU countries and the Seller fulfils the obligations set forth in Directive 2006/112/CE. The sale contract is taxable for VAT purpose in the EU countries of destination when the amount of sales is less than those set forth in Directive 2006/112/CE, or when the sale contract is taxable for VAT purpose under the framework of the EU countries where the delivery is accomplished.  

7.6       Should the Order be delivered to taxable Purchaser located in a EU countries who have VAT obligation , the sale contract is not taxable for VAT purpose by the Seller pursuant to provision 41 of Law 331/1993. The Purchaser should pay VAT and invoice under the reverse charge mechanism.

7.7       Should the Order be delivered to a non EU countries, the Seller issues an invoice not taxable pursuant to provision 8 of Law n. 633/1972. The delivery is regulated according to the so called Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU). Therefore, non EU- Purchaser shall bear any cost related to any duties and/or taxes levied by the customs of an Non EU countries.

8.         Prices

8.1       Without prejudice of clause 7.7, the sale prices listed on the Website are in Euros. VAT, taxes and delivery costs not included.

8.2       The Purchaser accepts Seller’s right of revising its prices at any moment. However, the products will be invoiced according to the prices specified on the Website when the Order was made and confirmed by Seller to the Purchaser as set out in clause 7.2.

8.2      The delivery costs are the same for Italy, EU countries and Non EU Coutries (worldwide) € 15.00 flat rate

9.         Method of payment

The Purchaser can make the payment by choosing one of the methods listed below:

(i)             Credit Card and Debit Card (such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay): in case of payment through credit and debit card, the purchase amount will be charged only when the order has been confirmed. Seller reserves the right to request further information or other evidence that the payment had been made by the Purchaser.

(ii)            Paypal: in the event of purchasing with Pay Pal payment, the payment is made simultaneously with the submission of Order as set out in clause 2.1. Purchaser may be required to provided additional information and disclose supporting documentation proving the payment.